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Round One Application Webinar

There was a great turnout for the Round One webinar on September 13, with great questions ranging from what impact looks like to where work has to be based to what the Foundation is looking for in applicants. To listen to this webinar, click on the link below. Watch Now

Big Ideas: Debtors Prisons?

“Although he had no criminal record, the judge had set bail at $1,000. It might as well have been a million.”

Big Ideas: Better Charity

“The “buy one, give one” model has long been criticized by business and nonprofit experts alike.”

Big Ideas: Reaching beyond Poverty Alleviation

“…the biggest problem with poverty alleviation programs is the fact that most of the programs work.”

Big Ideas: On Gentrification

“Gentrification is painted alternately as a destroyer of neighborhoods or a savior of cities.”

Big Ideas: Why we can’t solve big problems

“People say there is a paucity of real innovations. Instead, they worry, technologists have diverted us and enriched themselves with trivial toys.”

Big Ideas: Climate Change

“How can we expect energetic support for climate change solutions when the news headlines are so disheartening and prevailing wisdom falls so short?

Big Ideas: Refugees in the US

“An October 2016 poll by the Pew Research Center found 54 percent of Americans believed the U.S. did not have a responsibility to accept refugees from Syria.”