ASU Ed Pastor Center for Politics & Public Service

Phoenix, AZ and surrounding municipalities


The ASU Youth Voter Engagement Academy’s youth ambassadors conduct youth voter outreach in low-voter-turnout communities.  ASU’s Congressman Pastor Center for Politics (Pastor Center), and Opportunities for Youth (OFY) provide ongoing voter registration training and staff support for the youth voter engagement ambassadors as they conduct awareness-raising social media campaigns, voter education efforts, and voter registration drives. Some of their ideas for outreach include reaching out to local high schools, businesses, and religious institutions to help:

  • Conduct small group discussions about civic participation and voting in culturally relevant contexts,
  • Provide accurate, qualified voter registration assistance and, where appropriate, civil rights restoration information and referral,
  • Navigate official election information materials, and
  • Provide simplified, objective information on the content of key ballot measures using official election information resources.