Global Gene Corp

Based in Mumbai, India and Cambridge, UK and with operations around the world.


Project Description

Global Gene Corp was created to democratize healthcare through genomics by mapping and organizing the world’s genomic diversity to deliver personalized health and longevity benefits for everyone, everywhere.

A biotech pioneer, Global Gene Corp is creating deep genetic insights into global populations and diseases, a critical missing piece today in the mission to realize the promise of genomics. Current genomic data and insights are biased as nearly 80% of all existing genomic data come from people of European ancestry, and  Asian, African & Latin American populations are under-represented. 

The company has built the most diverse genomic dataset for human populations augmented by a cutting edge digital health and therapeutics development platform, to deliver the healthcare of the future.

Industry note: DNA impacts all aspects of our health and genomic insights are driving the next generation of therapeutics and healthcare solutions. Mirroring the Internet revolution, the Genomic revolution is similarly transforming society, capturing the convergence of advances in gene sequencing, artificial intelligence, digitization, and computing power, to revolutionize traditional healthcare, for example by accelerating drug discovery and development.   

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted unacceptable inequities in healthcare globally and has tragically affected billions and infected more than 20 million people, with greater trauma, not unexpectedly, in developing countries.

Global Gene Corp has built technology platforms to enable large scale studies on human health and well-being, facilitating the creation of Electronic health records, Genomic data repositories and analytics, Biobanking, Digital Health apps, and accelerating Therapeutic discovery.  In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have extended our platform to include a multilingual end-to-end Contact Tracing Platform, “Co-Trace”.  This can be used for Contact Tracing, Individual Risk Evaluation, Mobility Passports, and generating insights on the pandemic, or any combination thereof.  This augments local strategies and can integrate mission-critical front line healthcare providers to deliver a complete solution for any country or region.

Our Digital Health platform offers an affordable set of healthcare management tools. The pandemic puts a spotlight on the urgent need for innovation and enhancement of healthcare infrastructure and services worldwide, and Global Gene Corp is humbled to work with renowned institutions and individuals at the frontlines of the battle for human health.

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