Hip Hop & Health: Lyrics and Lessons

Photo of Ivelyse standing in the center of a street in NYC.

Hip Hop & Health: Lyrics and Lessons Ivelyse Andino | August 14, 2019   Hip Hop & Health: Lyrics and Lessons   “It’s funny how money change a situation Miscommunication leads to complication My emancipation don’t fit your equation I was on the humble, you on every station” Lauryn Hill. Lyrics to “Lost Ones” The…

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Meet a Fellow: Ivelyse Andino

Photo of Ivelyse with red shapes in the background.

Meet a Fellow: Ivelyse Andino August 8, 2019    Meet Ivelyse, a 2019 Roddenberry Fellow  Ivelyse Andino is an Afro-Latina health equity innovator born and raised in The Bronx and the founder and CEO of Radical Health. While she routinely trained oncologists on new drugs, she found herself unprepared when her mother was diagnosed with…

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Meet A Fellow: Gautam Jagannath

Photo of Gautam with red shapes in the background.

Meet Gautam, a 2019 Roddenberry Fellow  Gautam Jagannath is a leading innovator and founding director of Social Justice Collaborative. Gautam was certified by the State Bar of California as an Immigration & Nationality Law expert.  SJC provides deportation defense and related legal services to low-income immigrants, mostly refugees, in the San Francisco Bay Area and…

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Our 2019 Summer Reading List

Three book covers including: Emergent Strategy, This is an Uprising, and We Live for the We.

Summer is often the time of beach reads and escapist novels, taking advantage of warm weather and vacations to decompress and relax into a good book. We asked our fellows what they’re reading this month, and given their current book lists, they seem to be digging in, doubling down, and going deeper in a diverse…

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Meet a Fellow: Cristina Leos

Photo of Cristina Leos with red shapes in the background.

Meet a Roddenberry Fellow Cristina Leos  July 22, 2019     Meet Cristina, a 2019 Roddenberry Fellow   Cristina Leos is the co-founder of Real Talk, a mobile app that connects teens with authentic stories and trusted resources on sensitive health topics, like sexual health and mental health. Her expertise centers around using behavioral science…

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10 Questions with Andrew Grant-Thomas

Photo of Andrew Grant- Thomas.

Name: Andrew Grant-Thomas, Current City: Amherst, Massachusetts.   Tell us more about your project, EmbraceRace! EmbraceRace is a national nonprofit providing resources and creating a community for parents and other caregivers working to raise children who are thoughtful, informed, and BRAVE about race.   How did you get into this work?  There are a lot…

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Meet a Fellow: Andrew Grant-Thomas 

Photo of Andrew Grant-Thomas with red shapes in the background.

Meet A Roddenberry Fellow Andrew Grant-Thomas  July 19, 2019   Meet Andrew, a 2019 Roddenberry Fellow    Andrew is the co-founder of EmbraceRace, a national nonprofit that supports parents, teachers, and other adults to raise children who are thoughtful, informed and brave about race. They are working to help nurture a generation of children with…

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