Heidi Basch-Harod
Women’s Voices Now

HEIDI BASCH-HAROD is the executive director of Women’s Voices Now (WVN). Heidi is responsible for the vision, strategy, and international fundraising efforts that sustain and grow WVN’s programs, locally and globally. She is the founding editor of The WVoice, WVN’s digital publication.

Heidi brings her experience in international human rights advocacy from her work with Tibetan Nuns Project, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the U.S. Congress, and the Palestine-Israel Journal. She is a scholar of the modern history of the Middle East and North Africa, specializing in women’s rights movements of the region with a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University. In 2017, her master’s thesis, The Kurdish Women of Turkey: Building a Nation, Struggling for Gender Parity, became a published monograph (Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies). Heidi’s written works can also be found in several publications.

Considering herself a practical idealist, Heidi’s commitment to her work derives from knowing she is part of the living chain of people who dream and work for a better world and the future generations who will continue to do so.

Girls’ Voices Now
Girls’ Voices Now (GVN) amplifies the voices of 20 young women from low-income and underrepresented communities in Los Angeles by teaching documentary filmmaking.