FarmDrive is a technology company that applies data science and finance to build software that
increases access to meaningful financial services. FarmDrive’s mission is to drive capital to underserved rural clients and transform them into sustainable and profitable businesses. The core strategy is to build meaningful technology platforms and efficient processes to drive capital where it’s needed most.

FarmDrive has built data-driven technology for financial service providers (FSPs) to efficiently
grow their portfolios, mitigate risk, and reduce operational costs while lending in the agriculture
value chain.FarmDrive’s customers are financial service providers/lenders that primarily serve rural clients
in Africa consisting mostly of smallholder farmers. The clients include but are not limited to mobile network operators such as Safaricom, microfinance banks, SACCOs and cooperatives, non-bank financial service providers (NGOs that fund agriculture such as One Acre Fund), agriculture insurance providers such as Pula and Acre Africa, and agricultural produce consumers.

To date, FarmDrive technology has been deployed to unlock over $10 million in loans to over
100K smallholder farmers and agriculture MSMEs in Kenya through our clients Safaricom and
other microfinance lenders. FarmDrive has created a digital transaction registry of over 1.2 million smallholder farmers that lenders can target.