JVE Benin

Our COVID 19 campaign spanned 30 days. Based on the statistics we have, we spoke to 113,090 people in 23,863 households (including 24,625 Men, 29,027 Women, and 59,438 children under 12). Our sensitizations were made in 12 different local languages. Our digital campaign reached 498,251 people via Facebook. We have 7 radio shows that were made to an estimated 5,617,693 listeners. We have 300 young volunteers involved in the campaign, 50% of whom are young girls and boys aged 18 to 25. Our actions have impacted 9 municipalities, 22 arrondissements of municipalities, and 90 villages of arrondissements. During this campaign, more than 3000 masks were distributed, and 90 handwashing devices made available to communities. And finally, An Alert mechanism has been put in place to raise suspicions, rumors, and fake news to facilitate the response to Covid-19.