The magnitude and speed of Covid-19’s spread and its effect on our lives and livelihoods is unlike anything many of us have ever experienced. And not surprisingly, the poorest and most vulnerable populations across the globe are already disproportionately and profoundly affected by it. Neighborhoods with limited access to adequate healthcare, lower-income communities, and high density areas are among the hardest hit by the virus.

New Challenges

Many communities now face multiple, interconnected economic and humanitarian crises that demand innovative and flexible responses as needs and priorities change from month to month. As such, the challenges facing organizations working with and in these communities are monumental. In the best of times, these organizations are overtaxed and under-resourced. Today, they are confronted with a new reality: sparse resources, less time, more complexity, and greater need.

New Solutions

The +1 Global Fund is designed to leverage a “network of networks” model based on three core principles:

1. Empower and trust network members

2. Respond quickly and provide funding where it’s needed

3. Remove time-consuming applications, cumbersome restrictions, and lengthy reporting

Longer term, in this time of social isolation and distancing, we hope to encourage cooperation and solidarity through community action and collaboration.