Criteria & Eligibility

Organizations eligible for funding can be based anywhere in the world but must be working on issue areas that prioritize the communities hardest hit by Covid-19. Eligibility includes:

  • Mitigating the economic, social, or health effects of Covid-19 through:
    • existing programs and services OR
    • have pivoted as a result of the pandemic, leveraging their services and infrastructure, to support their communities to address issues created or exacerbated by Covid-19
  • Operating with urgency as well as an understanding of how to adapt to changing circumstance
  • Operating with a budget of $1.5 million or less
  • Working with and on behalf of vulnerable populations

Organizations will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Track record: Do they have a significant track record? Do they have demonstrable evidence of success?
  • Impact: Do they have great potential for meaningful change? Do they have an approach and strategy that will yield immediate impact?
  • Innovation: Is the work addressing the problem in a novel or unique way? Is the approach innovative in terms of strategy, process, or activities?
  • Ecosystem: Do they employ an intersectional approach that leverages and improves existing models? Do they leverage best practices?
  • Responsiveness:¬†Given the urgency, are they be able to execute immediately? Are they prepared and currently addressing the issue?