How it Works

The +1 Global Fund consists of sequential rounds, each 10-12 weeks long, in which we activate networks of social entrepreneurs and innovators who nominate their peers for funding.

  1. In each round, social entrepreneurs and innovators complete a simple form to nominate up to 3 organizations — nominees — who they think are doing impactful, essential work around Covid-19.
  2. Nominees are reviewed and vetted rapidly by a council of global advisors according to specific criteria + eligibility.
  3. Nominees who are selected for funding receive $12k.
  4. The social entrepreneur or innovator whose nominee is selected for funding receives $2k.
  5. Those who receive funding “pay it forward” by sharing a nomination in future rounds.
  6. All funding is unrestricted, general operating.

In each round, we assess crisis hot spots, issue areas, impacted communities, and relevant data to determine with whom to partner and where to focus. As we bring on new network partners, the original network expands, our network strengthens, and we reach more organizations in more parts of the world most affected by the crisis.