Our Approach

In designing the +1 Global Fund we challenged ourselves to throw out the funder’s playbook and take a radically different approach to combating the pandemic. In doing so, we identified five key principles that would direct our work:

  1. Rely and implicitly trust the knowledge and opinions of the individuals and organizations “on the ground” to source innovative solutions to local problems.
  2. Focus on the most vulnerable, hard to reach communities who are hardest hit by the crisis. Communities that often exist in isolation (“the last mile”) outside the reaches of traditional aid and who have the greatest need.
  3. Focus on social entrepreneurs and organizations with budgets of $1.5 mil or less- roughly 70% of the world’s nonprofits. They are the small, adaptable, and deeply connected problem-solvers; they are often unseen but unequaled in their ability to create impact.
  4. Leverage the power of networks and existing ecosystems to save time and resources getting funding to those who can use it effectively and immediately. Partner with globally-recognized organizations that have existing networks and a track record of recruiting, vetting, and evaluating social enterprises.
  5. Reimagine the traditional funding mechanisms by simplifying processes and removing barriers- applications, reports, and restrictions- to free organizations to focus on the work at hand.