Welcome to the 2018 Roddenberry Fellowship application! We are excited to learn more about your work and its impact.

Through this application, we’re hoping to get a clearer understanding of your interests and your work. The questions below are meant to gather this information while not taking too much of your time.

There will be two rounds of application for the Fellowship (view timeline). Up to 200 top scoring first-round applications will be invited to submit a second-round application, which will be due in mid-November 2018.

As you respond, please consider the criteria that will be used to assess all applications, and please take time to read all application requirements (including the second-round questions) before starting your submission. Once you have submitted the application, you will no longer be able to make changes. Applications are due no later than Wednesday, September 19, at 5:00 PM Pacific.

All fields are required unless indicated otherwise.

Project Type

The Roddenberry Fellowship will support existing initiatives as well as new projects. This application is to (select one):

  • Strengthen a current initiative (in operation for 13 months or more)
  • Launch a new initiative (in operation for 12 months or less)

Foundation History (150 words)

If you applied for the Roddenberry Fellowship last year, how has your initiative changed or evolved? Please write N/A if you have not applied for the Fellowship in the past.

Engagement (150 words)

What life experiences have led you to this work? Why have you focused on this particular issue?

Issue (250 words)

We want to understand the purpose of your work and the issue you’re tackling. What is the problem you are solving for and how is your work addressing it?

Initiative (250 words)

Describe your initiative and include details on your approach, strategy, goals, measurable objectives and outcomes for 2019.

Impact to Date (150 words)

Describe the quantifiable impact you have achieved to date in addressing this issue. Please detail any successes, partnerships, deliverables, or key milestones that are indicators of positive impact.

Track Record (150 words)

Please describe your work to date (e.g. past jobs, awards, fellowships, organizations founded) that makes you uniquely qualified to run this particular initiative.

Support & Other Funding (100 words)

Have you received support for this work? What did that support look like (financial, organizational, personal support, etc.)?

Creative (250 words)

We are interested in creative strategies that depart from the status-quo and address a problem and its solution in a new light, while taking advantage of what others have done and learned. How is your approach different or distinguishable from other similar efforts? Please be as specific as possible.

Vision (200 words)

What is the long-term vision for your initiative? If you’re successful, what will be the impact achieved?