Application Deadline 1385 days 7 hours 10 minutes


While there are many ways to effect change, we are looking for individuals who have experience in and an ability to:

  1. Execute on well-thought-out strategies with clear goals, specific metrics, and measurable impact
  2. Innovate on existing models for change
  3. Inspire by articulating an alternative future that is more just and fair
  4. Offer ways for the community members to engage in and participate in their work
  5. Understand and engage with the communities they work on behalf of
  6. Address a recognized issue that affects a significant population
  7. Offer an audacious vision and a sustainable strategy for driving change

Please use the slide bar below to see how each section will be evaluated.

Personal Commitment

Applicant has demonstrated personal and professional experience needed to achieve intended results. They have a relevant track record and understanding of the issue/s.

Solid competence, track record, and personal connection to the issue. Prepared with the skills and experience to lead and activate the community to achieve intended results.


Initiative has potential for tangible, measurable and significant impact.

Game-changing strategy that will result in large-scale impact. Transformative approach and robust plan that will produce lasting, widespread, and scalable results.


Initiative builds on established best-practices and leverages existing solutions or systems.

Basic approach and may duplicate existing efforts. Identifies minimal new or promising tactics, but lacks originality, resources, and/or expertise for long-term change.


Applicant's vision is ambitious in terms of its potential for impact and growth. The scope of the vision is “big and bold.”

Ambitious approach for large-scale impact. Compelling vision with a well-articulated roadmap to define and measure short- and long-term success.

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