Review the traits that will be used to score applications.

The Fellowship is designed to support individuals who are making a difference. We’re interested in what you’re doing, or planning to do, to create a just, sustainable, and inclusive society. We care about your vision for a better future. And we care about “the why.” Why does this matter to you? Why have you taken on this issue? More specifically, the selection process will take into consideration the following key criteria.

Personal Commitment

Has applicant demonstrated personal and professional experience needed to achieve intended results? Do they have a relevant track record and understanding of the issue/s?

Solid competence, track record, and personal connection to the issue. Prepared with the skills and experience to lead and activate the community to achieve intended results.

Trait 1


Does the initiative have significant potential to achieve impact? Is there a robust plan to measure progress? Is there potential for demonstrable short and long-term change?

Game-changing strategy that will result in large-scale impact. Transformative approach and robust plan that will produce lasting, widespread, and scalable results.

Trait 2


Does the initiative stand out with a creative approach while leveraging past/existing work and lessons learned? Is there a deep understanding of the field, knowledge of other actors in the space, and awareness of how their work fits into the broader constellation of similar efforts?

Basic approach and may duplicate existing efforts. Identifies minimal new or promising tactics, but lacks originality, resources, and/or expertise for long-term change.

Trait 3


Is the vision ambitious in terms of its potential for widespread impact and growth? Is the scope of the vision “big and bold”? If successful, will the initiative serve as a model to engage and inspire others?
Ambitious approach for large-scale impact. Compelling vision with a well-articulated roadmap to define and measure short- and long-term success.
Trait 4