Scoring Rubric

Review the traits that will be used by your peers and the Evaluation Panel to score applications.


Does the approach effectively and significantly address the identified problem? Is there internal or external information or data proving the approach produces transformational, concrete results?

Some impact or benefit for the target community with limited attention to explaining need, outcomes, evidence of impact, and the connection to climate change.

prize trait 1

Strategy to Scale

Does the proposal offer a solid implementation plan to scale that is practical, sustainable and bold? Does the approach have potential for large-scale impact that leads to long-term change?

Exciting approach for scaling impact that is efficient and viable. Well-articulated plan with practical steps to achieve widespread impact and long-term change.

Prize trait 2

Capacity to Scale

Is the applicant well-positioned to scale this approach and achieve the intended results? Has the applicant demonstrated success in the past that suggests their efforts to scale will succeed?

Well-positioned with the experience and expertise to meet and exceed expectations. Credible, dependable partner with solid stakeholder relationships and a strong public image.

Prize trait 3


Does the approach and plan to scale have a high potential for significant, transformative impact? If successful, can it become a model for and inspire others to address climate change?

Noteworthy approach grounded by convincing tactics, supported by a strong vision and the credibility to serve as a model for other similar communities.

prize trait 4