About Us

Whether you’ve only heard of but never seen “The Wrath of Khan,” binged The Next Generation, made a Vulcan salute, or ever wondered what William Shatner did before his Priceline commercials, you’ve been touched in some way by Star Trek.

This is not surprising. The original Star Trek series premiered in September 1966 and has spawned over 700 TV episodes, 14 movies and comic books, animated series, countless homages, conventions, and a global following.

Its enduring resonance is a testament to Gene Roddenberry’s vision for a future where diversity and tolerance are encouraged and in which inclusivity and equality are the norm. In the future, the Star Trek creator believed, the human potential to be “remarkable” would yield a better, fairer world — “a world with no hunger, poverty, prejudice, or greed”. Since it first aired over five decades ago, Star Trek has continued to offer a unique brand of science fiction that invites us to “think, question, and challenge the status quo” with the intention of creating “a brighter future”.

At The Roddenberry Foundation, we are committed to advancing Gene’s faith in humanity by finding and supporting remarkable people and organizations who can disrupt existing dynamics, challenge old patterns of thought, and discover new ways to help us move towards a better future.