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Roddenberry Prize

2018 Roddenberry Prize: About the Prize

2018 Roddenberry Prize
About the Prize
The Roddenberry Foundation | May 25, 2018


Last year, Project Drawdown, an international coalition of scientists, economists, and experts cataloged and ranked the most effective solutions to global warming. This has never been done before (shocking, right!) and the results are surprising. Some solutions are less effective than one might think (sorry LED lights) and some aren’t even associated with climate change at all. In fact, food waste (#3), plant-rich diets (#4), girls’ education (#6), and women’s rights (#7), all ranked in the top 10 most effective solutions to reduce global warming. Who knew? Not only does each of these four solutions rank ahead of traditional strategies like renewable energy or electric vehicles, but combined they hold the greatest potential to affect climate change.


That’s why the $1 million for the 2018 Roddenberry Prize will be awarded to organizations most effectively working to: (1) reduce food waste; (2) support plant-rich diets; (3) improve girls’ education; and (4) ensure women’s rights.

Project Drawdown: Summary of Solutions By Rank