Johan Juul Jenson

Co-founder of SolarSack Copenhagen, Denmark; Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala, Uganda Advisor | Prize

Johan is a serial social entrepreneur with a flair for working in the nexus between public goods and business. Johan is a co-founder of SolarSack, the world’s most affordable water purification system. He thrives when it comes to working with technologies and their implementation in social systems to solve complex problems (e.g. the nature of the SolarSack as a product relies on the affordability of it to even the poorest customers across the planet). Johan has developed an innovative approach to commission-based sales organized through existing social structures (cooperatives & VSLA’s) assisted by a simple feature phone application. Before joining SolarSack, Johan started Mobilized Construction an innovative technology platform that assisted governments across East Africa in handling performed based contracts in the road construction sector while also enabling them to collect cheaper and better data. Mobilized Construction is still operating but its primary revenue is generated in Europe. Johan has a background in international development policy from the Hertie School of Governance and Georgetown University.

Website: www.solarsack.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanjuuljensen/