Kevin Brown

Mighty Ally Sub-Saharan Africa Advisor | +1 Global Fund

Kevin Brown is CEO of the nonprofit/B Corp consultancy, Mighty Ally. In a world where only one in 1,000 social ventures scale, Mighty Ally helps nonprofits and social enterprises position their brands, clarify messaging, and reach new audiences. Kevin has guided 100+ organizations in a dozen countries to drive more income and grow in a sustainable way. He spent 15 years building private sector businesses and brands – from Apple to ExxonMobil, Formula One to fintech startups. Then a passion for the orphan crisis led to living in Uganda and South Africa.

Kevin is an Acumen Fellow and mentors for Social Innovation Academy and SHONA. He served on the board of Impact Hub, won a NEXT Award for Startup of the Year, was named an Executive Influencer by Billboard Magazine, and proudly sports a torn achilles from the Ironman World Championship. Three daughters from Uganda and China fuel his work to end poverty and injustice.