Rob Tashima

Senior Director, Pipeline and Partnerships at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Global Advisor | Prize

Rob Tashima serves as Chief Growth Officer at Village Capital, an early-stage impact investor, and accelerator. In that role, Rob leads initiatives across Village Capital’s innovations and partnerships teams, experimenting with new ways of supporting entrepreneurs and investors, in new markets, and with new partners.

Rob joined Village Capital in 2017 after a decade at an emerging markets consultancy, whereas the managing editor and head of research for Africa he led field studies on investment issues across the continent. Previously, he lived in the Middle East, analyzing investment competitiveness across regional markets, and before that, he worked on business and regulatory policy for the State of California and at a think tank in San Francisco.

Rob serves on the board of directors of Capitol Area Asset Builders, a DC-based nonprofit, and also serves as an advisor to Asoko Insight, an Africa-focused corporate data venture, and IssueVoter, an innovative civic engagement platform. A Truman Security Fellow, he holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and a CEP from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Bordeaux, France. He received his BA from UC Berkeley.