Sue Pollock

Product Innovation Manager at The Nature Conservancy San Francisco, California, USA Advisor | Prize

Sue Pollock is the Product Innovation Manager at The Nature Conservancy, ensuring that the organization develops conservation science products iteratively with stakeholders at the center, and a path to impact. With an MBA in Design Strategy, Sue merges the innovation discipline with scientific practice, incorporating lean and agile principles to test assumptions more rapidly and de-risk strategies. Sue carries this practice forward in her personal life: “I like to say that I’m prototyping my life because it enables a learning mindset. I am more open to testing out new things and more forgiving of my failures.” 

Prior to her current position, Sue served in multiple roles at The Nature Conservancy over the last 11 years including Associate Director of Marketing Operations, Project Director for Conservation Program Development, and Executive Assistant. Sue lives in California, loves travel, photography, and trying her hand at new skills – most recently shibori dyeing and woodblock carving.