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Three book covers including: Emergent Strategy, This is an Uprising, and We Live for the We.
Our 2019 Summer Reading List

Summer is often the time of beach reads and escapist novels, taking advantage of warm weather and vacations to decompress and relax into a good book. We asked our fellows what they’re reading this month, and given their current book lists, they seem to be digging in, doubling down, and going deeper in a diverse…

Photo of Andrew Grant- Thomas.
10 Questions with Andrew Grant-Thomas

Name: Andrew Grant-Thomas, Current City: Amherst, Massachusetts.   Tell us more about your project, EmbraceRace! EmbraceRace is a national nonprofit providing resources and creating a community for parents and other caregivers working to raise children who are thoughtful, informed, and BRAVE about race.   How did you get into this work?  There are a lot…

Photo of Alia Salem sitting in Kirk's Captains Chair holding a puppy.
Self-Care Cannot Be a Buzzword – as an Activist, It Has to Be a Way of Life.

Self-Care Cannot Be a Buzzword – as an Activist, It Has to Be a Way of Life. Alia Salem   So I am turning 40 this year yet I still feel like I am in my late 20s, but I am also really tired. I have accomplished a lot of meaningful work in my professional…

A photo of Kat Calvin with red shapes in the background.
Meet a Fellow: Kat Calvin

Meet A Roddenberry Fellow  Kat Calvin May 10, 2019   Meet Kat, a 2019 Roddenberry Fellow Kat Calvin is the founder of Spread The Vote, a nonprofit organization that aims to close the gap between registered voters and voter turnout by obtaining government-issued photo IDs, educating, and empowering voters. Today there are about 21 million…

A headshot of Jonathan Lykes
Fellowship Vlog: Jonathan Lykes

Jonathan Lykes is a Black queer artist, activist and senior policy analyst. He’s the co-founder of Keeping Ballroom Community Alive Network (, founder and co-producer, The Black Joy Experience (@blackjoyexperience), a founding member of Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), and a 2018 Roddenberry Fellow. For more about Jonathan and his work, check out his bio.…

A headshot of Madison Hayes
Fellowship Vlog: Maddie Hayes

Maddie Hayes is is a North Carolina native and the Director of the Refugee Community Partnership (RCP), where she works with refugee leaders to develop community-driven models for refugee support work in NC. She was part of the inaugural Roddenberry Fellowship 2018 cohort. For more about Maddie and her work, check out her bio. Video…

The 2019 Roddenberry Fellows holding up the Spock hand sign.
The Fellowship Experience: first phone call to final cohort meet up

Roddenberry Fellowship 2020 The Fellowship Experience: first phone call to final cohort meet up Meg Busse | May 5, 2019   I’m not going to lie — the best day of work here at the Foundation is the day we get to call fellows to let them know they’re invited to join the cohort. But…

Catalyst: Footsteps Africa

1 in 10 people lack access to clean water worldwide. In rural Malawi, approximately 5.6 million Malawians suffer from lack of access to clean water. The water they collect often carries diseases, making entire communities vulnerable.

Catalyst: SmartAgric

In Sub-Saharan Africa, rain-fed agriculture accounts for 97% of total agricultural land and 91% of total agricultural production. But local farmers are forced to rely on meteorological agencies with low capacity and obsolete technologies.