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Come for the cash, stay for the community

Roddenberry Fellowship 2020
Come for the cash, stay for the community
Roddenberry Foundation | May 6, 2019 


There are A LOT of amazing fellowship opportunities out there. And more launching by the day. From our point of view, the more the merrier – activists, organizers, leaders, disruptors need recognition, support, and resources.


What this also means is that folks should be picky about which fellowships they’re applying for and should be aware of what each one offers.


The benefits of the Roddenberry Fellowship are easy: $50k grant, professional coaching, tailored training, and a community of peers. While the grant is often what catches folks’ attention, a year and a half in, it’s the community of peers that seems to be providing lasting value.


What we’re also learning is that this cross-sector community isn’t for everyone – and it doesn’t really have to do with how busy someone is. It’s more of a mindset – curiosity and excitement about – and prioritization of – learning and engaging with new folks. No judgment – we’re just looking for folks who have this unique and specific way of being in the world.


So for this fellowship, if the grant is appealing – awesome. We hope that’s a key resource in moving fellows’ work forward. But ultimately, we’re looking for folks who understand the time and energy it takes to help cultivate community, and who are excited about supporting and contributing to our network.