Jan Sahas

Jan Sahas was founded in the year 2000 with a mission to eliminate violence and slavery, particularly focussing on the most excluded social groups, including those facing gender and caste based violence. Today, almost two decades later, Jan Sahas is a national grassroots non-profit working in 68 districts of nine states in the country alongside 900 full-time members and 4800 volunteers based out of 14,000 villages and towns. In the last twenty years, Jan Sahas has supported over 19,68,000 women and girls across all their programs and have delivered about 128,4000 entitlements to more than 68,000 migrant workers and their families, with a cumulative value of ~$56.3 million. The organization took a critical turn during April 2020 when 122 million people were out of jobs due to the COVID 19 lockdown in India. Jan Sahas anticipated an unprecedented impact on the most marginalized groups, especially daily wage migrant workers families. Under Ashif’s guidance, Jan Sahas, in 100 days of the COVID lockdown, drew support from 30+ philanthropic and private sector donors (of >2 Million USD) and worked with 42 nonprofits across 19 states in India to address needs of more than 10,40,000 migrant families through immediate relief support involving food distribution, emergency transport, hygiene kits distribution, counselling and financial assistance.