Fundacion El Origen

Tania Rosas, a 28-year-old young woman from La Guajira – Colombia, founded the EL Origen foundation, an indigenous first model that gives young people at risk a second chance in education and works to close the illiteracy gap among indigenous youth. Due to the educational crisis created during the COVID-19 pandemic, it launched O-lab, the learning app tailored for indigenous students who have the lowest levels of education in the world. O-lab app works online / offline and it has a virtual assistant that translates all content created from Spanish or English to native languages to include indigenous students. O-lab enables NGOs, universities, and rural teachers to share interactive educational content on a variety of topics, enhance the learning of disadvantaged students, track and engage children and youth who are out of school. The O-lab platform provides academic reports for stakeholders and rural schools to improve the quality of education and retain students. This is a critical step in ensuring that at-risk youth do not fall further behind in their education. Tania has been recognized by the United Nations as a Young Leader of the SDGs.