So, I don’t have 50k Twitter followers — should I still apply?

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So, I don’t have 50k Twitter followers — should I still apply?
Roddenberry Foundation | May 1, 2019 




Don’t get us wrong having an audience and an engaged community is great but the majority of our Fellows aren’t social media celebrities. Nor do you need to be our Fellows effect change in a multitude of different and powerful ways.


One trend that we’ve noticed though is that most fellows didn’t think they’d actually get invited to join the cohort. Most weren’t even going to apply they didn’t think their chances made it worth the time to write the application (even though the app is pretty darn short).


So if you’re thinking about applying, but that voice in the back of your head is telling you you don’t stand a chance, you haven’t co-founded a national movement, you haven’t been featured in the NYT, you don’t tweet to thousands of followers read through the bios of the first two cohorts of fellows. Read about how they’re working in their communities, making progress on some of our most pressing issues, and doing their thing. Because when it comes down to it, we need lots of different folks figuring out their own ways to make our country more inclusive, diverse, and optimistic.

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