It’s about big,
bold ideas that can
change the world.

Our Work

The Catalyst

is a small grants program focused on early-stage, unconventional ideas that have the potential for disruptive change.

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The Roddenberry Prize

is a biennial competition to crowd-source innovative solutions to issues that demand an immediate, bold, and global response.

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The Roddenberry Fellowship

The Roddenberry Fellowship
is a year-long fellowship for activists, community leaders, agitators, and advocates whose work promotes a more tolerant and inclusive society.

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About Us

The foundation was created in a response to the urgency and complexity of the issues we now face and the growing and exponential impact our actions have on each other and our planet.

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Our Community

The individuals and organizations we support and whose work is at the core of everything that we do.

Catalyst Grantees

Catalyst grantees are individuals from across the globe whose early-stage projects challenge our thinking; compel us to see a problem in a new light; and whose work redefines notions of what can be done and how.

Roddenberry Fellows

In 2018, the first cohort of Roddenberry Fellows will commence their 12-month fellowship tackling and protecting civil rights; LGBTQIA and women’s rights; immigrant and refugee rights; and environmental justice and climate change.

Roddenberry Prize

In 2016, five outstanding organizations received funding through the Roddenberry Prize for work that spanned issues and continents that included alternative credit tools for farmers in Kenya to reducing the carbon footprint of the world’s heaviest emitters.

Our Blog

Social change is a communal endeavor. The ecosystem of changemakers, leaders, funders, activists, and journalists is as broad as it is varied.

Big Ideas

Highlighting creative, unconventional, and bold thinkers whose innovative approaches and unique positions are challenging us to think (and act) differently.

Network News

Highlighting the individuals and organizations who have supported our community through their time, advice, and insight and whose leadership is helping us move forward.